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Nick Wolf is an American born Artist from New York working in Scandinavia.
As a multidisciplined creator he has been engaged in theater and film as an actor/writer/director and with the other visual arts as a painter.


+46 73 778 76 27

Artist Statement

My art is concerned with the transience of existence in relation to the transference of essence. The work is reaching for a universality by depicting what’s discovered on the intimate frequency of subjective drama.
The environments and their atmospheres emanate from the psychological gestures of the subjects.
The theme is about how art rescues us from oblivion. And how memory and access to the collective unconscious are catalysts to this process by giving birth to what wants to reveal itself on the canvas.

We are characters in a grand play and simultaneously the authors of that play. We can also choose to partake in the unraveling of something preordained. There are many options and everything is in flux.

With my paintings I am scrutinizing the nature of reality so that those reflections can be explored as if for the first time.

In the instant we live our lives those moments fall into the realm of imagination and archetypical episode. I want the viewer to experience the sensation of being part of that domain. A reminder that we ourselves are and have always been apparitions.